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The Krewe is a community organized professional IT networking group. We are a team of hard working, fun loving IT Professionals and Developers who hold various roles in our careers with all levels of expertise. Our mission is to build a dynamic networking community through various activities, gatherings, charitable efforts, and community engagements. We are highly respected and recognized by industry leaders and technology providers for our skills, and professionalism in all aspects of the Information Technology field. We are Krewe!

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  • Updated: The Krewe Gives Back Posted 9 months ago
    As I’ve shared with many of you, we can do some much together. We can help so many people, and we can enrich the lives of all of those in our community and beyond.
  • Meet N Greet 2015 Event Information Posted 9 months ago
    Quick Event Run Down...
  • The Present and The Future of The Krewe Posted 10 months ago
    It’s been a long time since I’d reached out to everyone so I wanted to do a quick intro for those new to the group, and talk about our vision.
  • Gold Sponsor - Vision Solutions Posted 10 months ago
    Back for another year is a sponsor whom we’ve had the longest relationship with and that is Vision Solutions. Before the Meet N Greets came about, many of The Krewe faithful gathered at the best party at TechEd for many years, Double-take Software’s ClusterFunk. We always promoted the party via twitter, and we always had a great contingent of folks at the event. Once Double-Take became a part of Vision Solutions, we continued the previous ...
  • Exceptional Krewe Award Posted 10 months ago
    We felt this year was a great time to unveil a new award for those members who have helped the Krewe and its members to do just this. I am proud to announce the first annual Krewe Kares award. This award will be nominated and voted upon by you, So, if you feel someone should be recognized for their contributions to the group, click here and tell us who and why. We will ...
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